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With operations in Zambia and US offices in Arizona,
  Abataka is a qualified non-profit organization that provides  
   economic and educational opportunities otherwise unavailable
     to vulnerable women and girls in Africa and elsewhere.

         Abataka is a        
  pan-African term
        for "belonging"
       and "community".

                      In the African country of  Zambia, teenage girls—many of whom are orphans
                    seeking to love and serve others—often retire weary and hungry. The Abataka
                   Life Skills Program aims to change this, one young woman at a time.

                     With your help, Mary and her team can continue providing opportunities to these girls who are
                    motivated to learn new skills that will enhance their everyday education and help qualify them for
                   future employment options.

                 In a small compound in the capital city of Lusaka, they attend classes under the same roof as older
                women involved in creating jewelry for a sister project. It’s a symbiotic environment, where the Life
              Skills students are mentored by the artisans, and simultaneously introduced to sewing, beading,
             writing, finance, nutrition, hygiene and more.

          Mary and friends—big-hearted men and women just like you—have worked hard to establish this
         intensive educational setting. But more is required to sustain and grow it.

Life Skills Program

In ways almost too large to measure, Mary Fisher knows what it is to need.

When she was diagnosed with HIV, she leaned on others for love and support. When
she couldn’t stave off infections or depression, she embraced encouragement. And when
she was ready to give in, people surrounded Mary to remind her that “We all matter.”

Today, her heart is joyfully exploring ways to give back, and that includes providing scholarships to Zambian women involved in her Good Deed Collection jewelry project,
who rely on others’ generosity to continue their schooling, critical to their very survival.

Every one of them is an artisan affected by HIV. Every one of them craves an education. And every one of them is celebrated by a woman who understands what it is to rely on others, friends and loved ones near and far. “Shoulder to shoulder,” says Mary. “How can we not?”

Scholarship Program

Abataka Foundation, Inc is a non-profit organization under section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code.
All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

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